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Product Name:HDPE Vertical(Horizontal) Double Stage Water-ring Hot Cutting Granulating Line

Vertical (horizontal) double stage water-ring hot cutting granulating line,equipment for the waste plastics recycling&palletizing in LDPE,HDPE.The screw structure and vent using special designed could drive the water and volatile gases in the material out and the impurity of plastic filtrated by screen in the processing course so as to ensure pellets in good quality,in high densify,in high production efficiency. The cutting type of this granulating is that the plastic under the melt extruding and cutting by knives,then water cooling and freezing by cooling water circulation, under the high speed dewater device could get rid of the water in the granules,in good dry effect,in easy cutting processing operation,in high automatic,no dust,low noise,in good cutting sizes,pellets in good type.


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